How To Use Quant Zone To Automate Your Trading

What is Quant Zone? The basics:

QZ makes it very easy to build automated trading strategies allowing users to execute the most basic of strategies like scaling into/out of a position, to more complex strategies that would be hard to accomplish manually, such as basis trades, TWAPs, etc. Users can take advantage of this to decrease the amount of time and work needed to trade, to reduce slippage, and take advantage of opportunities 24/7/365.

Building a Futures Position:

Choosing your trigger:

Closing A Futures Position:

To close a futures position, we’re basically just going to do the opposite of what we did to build the futures position, with one small variation: I want to change the condition to trigger when my position is above 0 instead of triggering when it is below 10 like in the above example. So in this case, my condition would be the following:

Building a spot position:

In addition to building futures positions, QZ can easily be used to build a position through spot markets as well. Your condition here would be based on your account balance, so let’s say you wanted to buy 10btc on BTC/USD, you would use the following condition:

Converting profits from USD to BTC:

Something we’ve received a lot of requests for is BTC based pnl, and while this isn’t a perfect solution, an easy way to convert USD profits to BTC is through QZ. To accomplish this, you’ll want to use the same function as before, but for USD. So your condition would look like this:

Executing a basis trade:

A basis trade is a trade in which you profit off the difference between the spot price and futures/perp price by buying/selling on futures/perps and executing a trade in the opposite direction on spot (e.g., sell futures, buy spot). For perpetual markets, this allows you to collect funding and on dated futures products this allows you to capture the premium/discount. For this example I’ll explain how to do this on the perpetual markets.

Safeguard rules:

As mentioned at the top of this article, you need to be extremely cautious when using the Quant Zone as it will execute any action you construct as long as the condition you set is met, regardless of whether or not the action is what you intended to build, or the condition is what you intended it to be. In light of this, you may want to make use of a couple safeguards and regularly check your account when QZ rules are enabled.


If you like this article and are interested in more articles on how to use the QZ to deploy trading strategies, please let us know



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